Sat Nam and thank you for joining me online!

This heart… KUNDALINI YOGA st barth was brought to life by an authentic passion for this exceptional school of yoga, a passion which I am resolutely inspired to share with others.

My personal discovery of Kundalini Yoga was an absolute gift. In reality, it quite literally found me. While attending a non-yoga related lecture in Los Angeles, surprisingly, the speaker opened and closed her talk with two chanting meditations. Although mildly skeptical, I consciously chose to shelf my hang-ups and dissolve fully into the experience. The result was mind blowing. The depth of that single experience was unlike anything I had ever known and my only question became, “What was that and where can I learn more about it?” It happened that the speaker was training to become a teacher of Kundalini Yoga, and so I immediately procured some materials to give myself an introduction to this powerful yogic technology. Despite what I playfully and very lovingly refer to as “ the circus effect” of turbans, chanting, long white beards and some of the wackiest yogic postures you will ever encounter, this was the beginning of what has become, for me, a great love affair with this beautiful form of yoga. It wasn’t long before I knew with absolute certitude that I too would become a teacher and share the invaluable gifts of Kundalini Yoga with as much of the world as possible from my tiny isle of Saint Barth.

Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Bhajan put it best when he said,

“The most important thing in Kundalini is your experience.
It goes right to your heart.
No words can replace your experience.”

I can wholeheartedly attest to this and invite you to join me on this incredible journey towards awareness and to truly make the experience your very own.

From  this-heart-kundalini-yoga-stbarth-logo-symbol  to yours…

With love, light & gratitude,
Ashley ‘Puran’ Aiken-Redon

Ashley is an American native of the Outer Banks of North Carolina. An authentic island girl, she has called St Barth home since 2005, where the majestic natural settings of this tiny slice of French-infused paradise have greatly inspired and deepened her practice of Kundalini Yoga.