All classes, private & semi-private, are by appointment only.
Please contact Ashley directly for details!

Sessions are available on-location in the comfort of your hotel, villa, yacht, or “In the Wild,” sat in the majestic tropical landscapes of St Barth.

Kundalini Yoga offers an exceptionally vast array of kriyas (sets of exercises) and meditations, each designed with precision to elicit a specific desired effect. Private instruction offers a unique opportunity to dive deeply into your practice with a highly customized sessions that meet perfectly your individual needs and intentions. The ancient yogic science of Tantric Numerology helps to guide us to those spaces within you in need of attention, so that together, we can shine the light and create an experience that is uniquely your own.


For the adventurous soul, This heart… is pleased to offer private sessions of Kundalini Yoga “In the Wild!” St Barth provides a number of majestic natural settings for the practice of yoga and meditation, and you can be sure that there is nothing quite like coming out of a meditation and opening your eyes to an expanse of deep blue sea, the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your face. An inspiring treat for nature lovers!



Here at This heart… we are blessed to collaborate with a number of gifted musicians in the creation of mantra & sound therapies.  Private classes and meditations can be accompanied by LIVE performances of the most beautiful, soothing melodies. This is a truly exceptional, intense and unforgettable moment for those in search of unique and powerful experiences! On-location or “In the Wild!”