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HYMN are high-end, semi-private, global retreats, all custom-designed for a very limited number of participants in a one-of-a-kind HOUSE OF YOGA, MUSIC & NUTRITION. Ashley’s concept revolves around creating a unique, intimate, family-style bubble in which to explore her three passions with a select number of beautiful Souls looking to deepen their journey within. Retreats are graced with the collaborative magic of DANIEL WAPLES, world-renowned UK hang musician, and a PRIVATE CHEF offering plant-based nutrition. Days unfold with sunrise Sadhana, a daily spiritual practice of meditation, physical asana and chanting. Students are deeply implicated in the creative aspect of the retreat’s musical element, providing a rare and profoundly liberating experience of creative processes. Delectable vegetarian meals explore a festive, convivial approach to an inspired, mostly raw, vegan diet. Rest, relaxation and introspective journaling are an integral part of the program, spliced with exciting excursions, such as meditative nature hikes, earthing, etc… Evenings are sprinkled with sunset yoga sessions, chanting meditations and film screenings. Ashley aims always to connect deeply and meaningfully with each of her students and to help guide them towards deep healing and lasting transformation, for a healthier, happier, more “sound” lifestyle.

Retreats are held on the French Caribbean island of Saint Barth and other high-vibrational worldwide locations. If there is a particular destination that is of interest to you, or you would like for us to arrange a private retreat at your location, just ask! HYMN is poised to travel the globe and we are always open to new opportunities to share yoga, music and nutrition with beautiful Souls across the globe!

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