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G R A T I T U D E . . .


Soooooooooo much G R A T I T U D E ✨🙏✨  for this month’s FULL MOON MEDITATION at Gouverneur.  It was a magical moment shared with a beautiful crowd of chanting angels and an exciting set-list… — Sat Siri, Wah Yantee, Adi Shakti, Fireproof & Sa Re Sa Sa —
Massive L O V E & L I G H T to all those who joined us, in the flesh AND in Spirit!
I bow down to the power of intention and the gift of reaping what we sow in the Full Moon’s glow.

Once in a B L U E M O O N . . .


Credit for this beautiful reading goes to the gifted Alex Myles of Elephant Journal. SAT NAM & thank you Alex for these deeply inspiring insights!

Full moons are always energetically powerful, deeply creative and also intensely magical times.

A full moon happens when the sun, earth and moon line up in that order, and the sun’s light shines directly onto the moon. It is also a time when the lunar energy is at its most intense.

Therefore, when we have a blue moon, which happens when two full moons occur in the same month, we are empowered more than ever.

All full moons bring us in touch with our emotions, our sensitivities and our inner-selves.

When we are in tune with the natural energetic currents of nature, we can combine our own energy forces so that we have an extra surge, which helps to push us in the right direction.

This blue moon is a powerful one and it is signalling that it is time for us to take control and take the power back from areas of our lives that have been roaming free and taking us down a road that lead to nowhere.

Everything from our past is about to be illuminated and areas that desperately need focusing on will be brought to our attention and during this blue moon, there will be no looking away.

We will meet with certain issues that have been haunting us face-to-face and rather than being fearful, we should see this as an excellent chance for growth and transformation.

We will be seeing ourselves in a new light and this will mean we will question everything around us.

As we acknowledge and take ownership for all that we are being shown, we will also begin to realise that everything that is in our lives is our own responsibility and that other people have their own paths to follow. We cannot blame other people for influencing ours, neither can we try to influence or alter anyone else’s.

As the truth becomes more apparent, we will also start to see behaviours of ours that have fallen out of character with who we are at our core self. We get too caught up in what other people are doing or what we think they should be doing and this not only holds us back, it prevents others from learning their own lessons and discovering what they need to too.

We are all given this one unique life and by bringing in a little more unconditional love and acceptance of others, we can also practice letting go of expectations at the same time.

This is an extremely challenging and testing time as we begin to see ourselves, and others, in a brand new light. However, through seeing things with more clarity, we are also awakened to what it is we truly want from life and also, who and what we want surrounding us.

We are being given a window to look through so that we can revolutionise our lives and in doing so we will see that we have been making excuses for certain people that we are connected to and these particular people have been limiting us from pushing forward and making alterations that have prevented us from shining.

It is not just people that have been holding us back, we have become stuck in a rut in many areas of our lives, and the blue moon’s energy will give us that extra surge to pull ourselves out and shake the dust from the attachments once and for all.

If we take a deep breath and head off on this once in a blue moon journey, we will soon find that the people and situations that do not offer mutual love, support and acceptance will gently drop by the wayside and this will leave an abundance of space for new, interesting and exciting people or opportunities to take their place.

The people who do stay beside us on our paths will be there because they have chosen us, and we have chosen them to walk side-by-side with, and they are not there through convenience, laziness, or because we are afraid to see the truth. These types of people are also “once in a blue moon” connections and, therefore, we should fully appreciate their places in our lives and show gratitude.

This blue moon is our time where we can all take the opportunity to be illuminated as brightly as the moon so that we can be energised, radiate and glow.

We will begin to see that world as quite literally one huge playground of love, fun and adventure and we do not need to remain captured any longer with our wings firmly clipped.

We can start fluttering our wings in preparation for take-off, as if we are willing to take the leap, we will discover that we have the ability to fly high and also to venture out to explore the paths that have been ready and patiently waiting for us.

The only thing that has been stopping us from reaching our goals and dreams is our self!

No more days should be wasted waiting for things to magically change. We are the ones that can create those changes as we have all the magic and creativity within. We just need to believe in ourselves, to be brave and rise like the phoenix from the ashes and we are capable of soaring. We can achieve everything our hearts desire with a little hard work, determination and—more than anything—self-belief.

All we need to do is to listen to our intuition, pay very close attention, hear every word that it is saying to us and with every ounce of strength we can gather we must put everything we have into making these dreams a reality.

We must let go of old stories we tell ourselves about how impossible it is to achieve what it is that our hearts and souls desire. We must break through old patterns and behaviours that have kept us stuck, remaining in the darkness and waiting for someone else to turn on the light.

We have to pull the switch—no one else can do it for us. It is up to us.

Not tomorrow, or the next day. We must take the first small step right now and just place the first foot down and embark on the journey we have been waiting to begin.

Once we do, our passion, determination and the momentum will kick in to carry us along.

This blue moon is the wind beneath our wings that we have long been waiting for.

We just have to close our eyes, sit under the moon glow, listen to our inner selves, make the wish that has been repeating in our minds and the rest, quite simply, will be magic.

Positivity, trusting our intuition and self-belief is key.

We can do this!

A blue moon only occurs approximately every 2.7 years and its energy is 12 times more powerful than a regular full moon. It is a rare phenomenon that should not be missed.

This is a once in a blue moon opportunity with maximum energetic effect that has the capacity to heighten the powerful outcome of anything we ask of it, if our intentions for the outcome are right.

This is one magical and mystical opportunity most definitely worth taking!

“You have no control over how your story begins or ends. But by now, you should know that all things have an ending. Every spark returns to darkness. Every sound returns to silence. Every flower returns to sleep with the earth. The journey of the sun and moon is predictable. But yours, is your ultimate art.”  ~ Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kassem

Amazing Full Moon Meditation

Feeling so alive in the power and beauty of the Full Moon & so very grateful for all the beautiful Souls who participated in tonight’s moonlit chanting meditation at This heart… What amazing chanters you all are! Thank you, thank you, thank you!



This Monday, September 8th is one of the most inspired and intuitive nights of the year.
It’s not just a Full Moon, but also a Super Moon AND…a Harvest Moon! A full-on lunar trifecta!

So…if you’ve been feeling a little “looney,” these days, this is a good explanation as to why. Sensitivities are high during this period, and when the ego rules our thoughts and emotions, we allow unconsciousness to lead us neck deep into drama. This is where Kundalini Yoga can help…an ancient technology for modern dilemmas, helping us strengthen and harness our heightened sensitivity and fuse it all with Consciousness, injecting peace and prosperity into your life!

So please join us in a powerful meditation at This heart… to harness the Super-charged, Harvest, Full moon energy and set some powerful intentions for the Fall!

Visit the class schedule page for full details on time & location!

With all love & light,


Ce lundi 8 septembre représente une des soirées les plus inspirées et intuitives de l’année. Il ne s’agit pas juste d’une Pleine Lune, mais aussi d’une Super Lune ET…d’une Equinoxe d’Automne! C’est un tiercé lunaire gagnant!  

Donc…si  vous vous êtes senti un peu “fou-fou” ces jours-ci, voilà pourquoi. Les sensibilités sont élevées durant cette période, et quand l’ego dirige nos pensées et émotions, l’inconscience nous mène directement au drame. C’est là que le Yoga Kundalini peut aider. C’est une technologie ancienne pour les dilemmes modernes, qui nous aide à renforcer et à canaliser ces sensibilités élevées et à les infuser de Conscience, pour une vie paisible et prospère!  

Venez donc nous rejoindre pour une méditation puissante à This heart… afin de mettre à profit cette Super énergie de la Pleine Lune d’Equinoxe et d’émettre de belles intentions pour l’Automne! 

Cliquer la page ‘class schedule’ pour l’horaire et le lieu.

With love & light,


Please check out the links below or the videos tab of the website, featuring the latest videos from our recent Blood Moon Kirtan. Both “Wahe Guru Wahe Jio” & “Mangala Charan” are original melodies composed by Pierre and myself. We hope you enjoy them! With love & light…


[responsive_youtube SKG0pX_pKn4]

“Rakhe Rakhan Har” covered from Ram Singh’s beautiful album of the mantras of Aquarian Sadhana, entitled “One Morning”

LIVE performance by Pierre Nesta (Guitar, Percussion & Loops) and Ashley Aiken-Redon for This heart… KUNDALINI YOGA St Barth’s PREMIERE Full Moon Meditation Kirtan Concert.

A very special thanks to all the enthusiastic chanters who joined us for this magical moonlit evening!

Sat Nam & hope you will join us next month for another memorable moment of chanting in the moonlight!