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Introducing… HYMN Retreats ST BARTH

Experience This heart’s… one-of-a-kind HOUSE OF YOGA, MUSIC & NUTRITION RETREATS on the paradisiacal caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy! HYMN Retreats are unique, high-end, semi-private retreats, designed for a very limited number of participants looking to deepen their journey within via the transformative force of yoga, music and nutrition. Retreats are a fusion of the collaborative magic of Kundalini Yoga instructor & chantress ASHLEY AIKEN-REDON, world-renowned UK hang musician, DANIEL WAPLES, and a private chef specialized in plant-based nutrition. Profound self-healing, lasting transformation and deep and meaningful connections, are all integral parts of these unique retreats!

Won’t you come play with us?

The next St Barth edition will be APRIL 17-24, 2016 so SAVE THE DATE!
In the meantime…I’ll be announcing This heart’s next retreat…Stateside…very soon :)

Love & light to all! SAT NAM

Music: Daniel Waples – Hang Out Back (featuring Martin Cradick)
Cinematography: st-barthvideoprod.com
Website: https://kundaliniyogastbarth.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ashley.redon
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kundaliniyogastbarth/

Inaugural House of Yoga, Music & Nutrition Retreat

Yoga in Paradise FLYER

Join me for an unparalleled experience at This heart’s… inaugural HOUSE OF YOGA, MUSIC & NUTRITION RETREAT! We’re kicking off this unique series of annual global retreats with a big bang! Held from November 1-8, 2015 on the exclusive island of Saint Barthelemy, this unique retreat will feature world renowned hang musician and sound healer Daniel Waples of Hang in Balance​. This is an extraordinary gift and an opportunity not to be missed! In an effort to keep this an intimate retreat, conducive to deep and meaningful connection, spaces are very limited, so please reach out to reserve your spot today!

Maddeningly Decadent Raw Brownie…

Okay…so…this is so unbelievably, irresistibly, orgasmically D E L I C I O U S that I literally made it twice in two days and each time, totally failed to snap a pic before devouring it like the true G O U R M A N D E that I am. Third time’s a charm though, so you’re in luck…finally, I can share the secrets of this maddeningly decadent R A W  B R O W N I E with you! But, before you dare…consider yourself warned…this WILL become an addiction…so start thinking brownies for dinner and an extra hour of yoga per day!
½ measure pitted dates (not soaked)
½ measure raw cashews
¼ measure raw organic cacao
Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt
2 tsp organic cold-pressed coconut oil
1 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp raw organic cacao
Mix brownie ingredients in a food processor, processing cashews until finely ground, then adding the rest, mixing until it starts to stick together. Press the mix firmly into individually sized silicon molds. Refrigerate until it holds its shape (approx. 2hrs). Frost generously using the smooth and creamy mix of three simple ingredients, top with your favorite seasonal fruit, indulge immediately and experience the mind-blowing effects of this super simple, totally scrumptious chocolatey goodness! Never again will you consider eating a conventional brownie…ever.
PS: Gotta say…the pic was actually well worth the wait, as I happened (on day 3 of my addiction) to score that fabulously flourescent purple dragon fruit and a succulent mango to top it all off…A M A Z I N G combo both visually and for the tastebuds!

E A R T H I N G . . .

Beach Faery Feet 🐉 Grounding with an E A R T H I N G practice that is a little obsession of mine when taking long walks in the sand… Nothing like wet stone and fluorescent algae to get you connected to M O T H E R E A R T H 🌎

Change of perspective…


Change of perspective as I prepare to travel for the summer, sharing yoga, meditation & raw nutrition… Feeling so super B L E S S E D to live this life and to share these passions with so many beautiful Souls!
The U N I V E R S E is generous and I am so very, very G R A T E F U L for her abundant gifts! 🌍🙏