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You are what you eat…


FOOD MATTERS. Yes, it does! Gratitude always for this Naked Truth from which we are all too easily distracted in modern society. If you are what you eat, well…this morning I am a decidedly a homemade almond milk chocolate banana smoothie! …a little nutty and decadently delicious!🌱🌰🌱🍌🌱🍫🌱



Gorgeous, delicious, nourish-your-cells RAW TACO feast…
Keep it REAL, Keep it RAW boys & squirrels!


A Potent Purple Elixir…


Hold up…I know what you’re thinking… “WTF?! Why would anyone do THAT! Ewwwwww!” This is Juice Master Jason Vale’s straight-up, hardcore formula for curing chronic colitis. I figure…if I can drink THIS…which honestly is not at all disgusting…and experiment with the recipe to make it taste delicious even, well, then ANYBODY can drink it!
Why all the hubbub about cabbage juice? Well, lots of people come to me saying how awesome and inspiring my diet looks, but that their fragile tummies could NEVER handle all those fruits and veggies and juices. I think Jason might just help me, help you prove the contrary with this magical purple elixir Hooray! Juice on, juice on!

Maddeningly Decadent Raw Brownie…

Okay…so…this is so unbelievably, irresistibly, orgasmically D E L I C I O U S that I literally made it twice in two days and each time, totally failed to snap a pic before devouring it like the true G O U R M A N D E that I am. Third time’s a charm though, so you’re in luck…finally, I can share the secrets of this maddeningly decadent R A W  B R O W N I E with you! But, before you dare…consider yourself warned…this WILL become an addiction…so start thinking brownies for dinner and an extra hour of yoga per day!
½ measure pitted dates (not soaked)
½ measure raw cashews
¼ measure raw organic cacao
Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt
2 tsp organic cold-pressed coconut oil
1 tbsp maple syrup
2 tbsp raw organic cacao
Mix brownie ingredients in a food processor, processing cashews until finely ground, then adding the rest, mixing until it starts to stick together. Press the mix firmly into individually sized silicon molds. Refrigerate until it holds its shape (approx. 2hrs). Frost generously using the smooth and creamy mix of three simple ingredients, top with your favorite seasonal fruit, indulge immediately and experience the mind-blowing effects of this super simple, totally scrumptious chocolatey goodness! Never again will you consider eating a conventional brownie…ever.
PS: Gotta say…the pic was actually well worth the wait, as I happened (on day 3 of my addiction) to score that fabulously flourescent purple dragon fruit and a succulent mango to top it all off…A M A Z I N G combo both visually and for the tastebuds!

Banana Coco Cacao L O V E

banana coco choco


All-time favorite Banana-Coco-Cacao
S M O O T H I E 🍌🍫🌴
I could have this literally everyday! Y U M .

Experimenting with G L U T E N F R E E Pasta…

Gluten Free


Next to impossible to describe how absolutely scrumptious this was 👅
Total G L U T E N F R E E decadence