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G R A T I T U D E . . .


Soooooooooo much G R A T I T U D E 🙏  for this month’s FULL MOON MEDITATION at Gouverneur.  It was a magical moment shared with a beautiful crowd of chanting angels and an exciting set-list… — Sat Siri, Wah Yantee, Adi Shakti, Fireproof & Sa Re Sa Sa —
Massive L O V E & L I G H T to all those who joined us, in the flesh AND in Spirit!
I bow down to the power of intention and the gift of reaping what we sow in the Full Moon’s glow.

I bow down to the D I V I N E F E M I N I N E . . .

“When a woman chants this mantra, the Universe clears the way.” -YB

A D I  S H A K T I . . .

Adi Shakti, Namo Namo
Sarab, Namo Namo
Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo
Kundalini Mata Shakti, Namo Namo

I bow down to the primal power.
I bow down to all-encompassing power.
I bow down to all through that which the Universe creates.
I bow down to the creative force of the Kundalini, Divine Mother Power.

The beauty of Sadhana…


Good Morning S U N S H I N E ! 🌞
S A D H A N A, daily spiritual yogic practice, is an A M A Z I N G way to start the day and also to set tone and intention with this month’s powerful N E W M O O N 🌑


Sat Nam fellow yogis,

Please check out my recently edited brochure, outlining all the various services provided by This heart… KUNDALINI YOGA st barth!

I would be so grateful if you would kindly share it with your yogi friends who might have an interest in a class, a Moon Meditation or some Yoga in the Wild!

With love, light & gratitude,

FINAL This heart... Kundalini Yoga BROCHURE p1 FINAL This heart... Kundalini Yoga BROCHURE p2

Happy, Shiny Chanting Yogis!

This heart… is feeling super blessed after a deeply moving chanting meditation of ANG SANG WAHE GURU during this morning’s group session at l’ASCCO! The dynamic, living ecstasy of the Universe is indeed dancing in each one of you! Thank you for sharing this powerful moment that contributes so greatly to raising the vibration of this tiny rock in the middle of the sea! SAT NAM


January 2015 New Moon Meditation


Love, light and many thanks to all the beautiful and courageous chanters who braved 31 minutes of Rakhe Rakhanhar during last night’s New Moon Meditation!
I salute you! SAT NAM

NMM Jan 2015    NMM Jan 2015 FR