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Gorgeous, delicious, nourish-your-cells RAW TACO feast…
Keep it REAL, Keep it RAW boys & squirrels!


Shooting video for HYMN St Barth…


Total, complete and unspeakable G R A T I T U D E ✨🙏✨ for the most magical opportunity EVER to shoot video for This heart… HOUSE OF YOGA, MUSIC & NUTRITION (HYMN) retreats! 👳🎶🍉 I am so incredibly G R A T E F U L for EVERY single experience in my life that has brought me to this moment…ALL OF IT…the good the the bad and the ugly…especially the ugly…for it is through our deepest, darkest challenges that we have the opportunity to grow and evolve most profoundly… SAT NAM and thank you, thank you, thank you ✨🙏✨


This heart… is bound for AUSTRALIA !

KY Classes Suspended - FMTV

A Potent Purple Elixir…


Hold up…I know what you’re thinking… “WTF?! Why would anyone do THAT! Ewwwwww!” This is Juice Master Jason Vale’s straight-up, hardcore formula for curing chronic colitis. I figure…if I can drink THIS…which honestly is not at all disgusting…and experiment with the recipe to make it taste delicious even, well, then ANYBODY can drink it!
Why all the hubbub about cabbage juice? Well, lots of people come to me saying how awesome and inspiring my diet looks, but that their fragile tummies could NEVER handle all those fruits and veggies and juices. I think Jason might just help me, help you prove the contrary with this magical purple elixir Hooray! Juice on, juice on!

Inaugural House of Yoga, Music & Nutrition Retreat

Yoga in Paradise FLYER

Join me for an unparalleled experience at This heart’s… inaugural HOUSE OF YOGA, MUSIC & NUTRITION RETREAT! We’re kicking off this unique series of annual global retreats with a big bang! Held from November 1-8, 2015 on the exclusive island of Saint Barthelemy, this unique retreat will feature world renowned hang musician and sound healer Daniel Waples of Hang in Balance​. This is an extraordinary gift and an opportunity not to be missed! In an effort to keep this an intimate retreat, conducive to deep and meaningful connection, spaces are very limited, so please reach out to reserve your spot today!

Banana Coco Cacao L O V E

banana coco choco


All-time favorite Banana-Coco-Cacao
S M O O T H I E 🍌🍫🌴
I could have this literally everyday! Y U M .

Experimenting with G L U T E N F R E E Pasta…

Gluten Free


Next to impossible to describe how absolutely scrumptious this was 👅
Total G L U T E N F R E E decadence


This heart… is cleansing Body & Soul with a nutritional journey through the chakras…

DAY 1 – Root Chakra: Security & Survival – RED – Watermelon
YUMMY :) My favorite!

IMG_2430IMG_2348 IMG_2327IMG_2460

DAY 2 – Sex Chakra: Creativity – ORANGE – Mangoes
Mia says, “MANGOES!” So, mangoes it is! Delicious :)

IMG_2512IMG_3341 IMG_3340IMG_2513

DAY 3 – Navel Chakra: Action & Balance – YELLOW – Bananas
Yum :) Let’s go bananas!!!

IMG_3344IMG_3345 IMG_3349IMG_3346

DAY 4 – Heart Chakra: Love & Compassion – GREEN – Grapes & Spinach
OMG, sooooo amazing in in the Vitamix!!! LOVE this.



DAY 5 – Throat Chakra: Truth & Communication – BLUE – Blueberries
So sweet and delicious!



DAY 6 – Third Eye Chakra: Intuition & Wisdom – PURPLE – Grapes
Homemade grape juice is Mia’s favorite rainbow day yet!



DAY 7 – Crown Chakra: Humility & Vastness – WHITE – Coconuts